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Vice President

Integrator & Strategist


Ingrid Cole is a multi-faceted executive, having driven focus on Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, Operations and Performance Planning. Her ability to "operationalize strategy” ensures that both short-term objectives & long-term strategy are met. With industry experiences in oil & gas, technology, healthcare, real estate development, property taxation and aviation, Ingrid's versatile skill set is matched by her diverse knowledge base.


With nearly 2 decades of progressive cross-functional responsibilities, Ingrid has delivered impressive successes in multinational corporations and entrepreneurial small/medium-sized enterprises. Most recently, Ingrid strongly served in an executive capacity, as Vice President of Operations, Marketing, Technology at a global aviation firm.

Significant Accomplishments

Largely lucrative & speedy introduction of a high-margin premium fuel product to a completely new market


Profitable and efficient divestment of a corporate credit card product from a retail brand portfolio



Strategic and innovative leadership of global aircraft disassembly projects and operations of a 350K sf distribution center dedicated to aviation logistics



Integration of enterprise-wide proprietary software platforms to ensure delivery of unified and industry-leading solutions



Full-scale long-term development of a national Marketing, Performance & Planning team for a Canadian real estate company



Launch of the first-ever third-party gift card mall in the national Gas & Convenience channel.


Canadian Marketing Association

Certificate in Direct Marketing with Distinction




Honours Bachelor of Science & Business

Majors in Biochemistry & Marketing

Dean's List

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