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Can you see the forest

through the trees?




Everyday is a series of decisions for business owners.

If you are looking to acquire, divest or pivot your business, Kennisis has the expertise and the network strength to deliver advice that is qualified and evidenced by our track record of successful and tangible results.

Once engaged, you have Kennisis' commitment that we only represent your interest in whole. At the start, you will provide us with your desired measurable objectives for transparent collaboration. With you, Kennisis will strategize the avenues of pursuit. We execute the plan to completion.


asset & fund


Not all opportunities to invest are created equal.

Capital is only effective if you can put it to work. Kennisis has the track record in global revenue generation and capital returns delivery in diverse industries. Leveraging our team's global connections in real asset trading, leasing, finance, healthcare, energy, logistics and real estate allows you to hone in on only the most promising of opportunities.

Once engaged, Kennisis undertakes a unique due diligence exercise to ensure that viable targets identified will be a good fit to apply your time and resources.

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